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PetFlyer Proā„¢ 4 Wheels Pet Travel Carrier, Backpack Straps

PetFlyer Proā„¢ 4 Wheels Pet Travel Carrier, Backpack Straps

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Designed to meet TSA requirements

  • The PetFlyer ProĀ is a light carrier that will let your pet fly business class even when you're flying coach!Ā With its many features, it is one of the most versatile pet carriers you can find.
  • TheĀ wheeled section is fully detachable and can be put away in the overhead compartment,Ā and the carrier is built to fit underĀ a cabin seat.

    Backpack, Carrier, Stroller

    The PetFlyer ProĀ is an all-rounderĀ designed for any type of travel with your pet.Ā The backpack is equipped withĀ padded shoulder strapsĀ and an added chest buckle for stability.Ā If you're not into exercise, a fully detachableĀ 360-degrees swivel wheeled trolleyĀ will ensure a smooth ride to the vet or the airport!

    Built For Maximum Comfort & Versatility

    Whether your pet loves to see outside and be seen, or prefers the comfort of darkness,Ā you have the option toĀ cover/uncover all 3 sides. The sides can also be used as insulation to keep your pet warm during colder days. AĀ two-sided padĀ on the bottom (one side for the summer, one for winter), willĀ make sure your furry friend is comfortable at all times.


    • Fully detachable trolley
    • 360-degree swivel wheels
    • Anti scratchĀ meshĀ windows
    • Adjustable paddedĀ shoulder and beltĀ straps
    • RemovableĀ two sidedĀ mat
    • Large side pockets
    • Internal safety leash

    Dimensions & Weight

    Maximum Weight: Cats up toĀ 20Ā lbsĀ and dogs up toĀ 16 lbs.

    Dimensions:Ā 16.5'' x 13.5'' x 11.5'' /Ā 40 x 35 x 29 cm

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