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Collapsibleā„¢ | Pet Carrier Dual Side Zippered Entry ways

Collapsibleā„¢ | Pet Carrier Dual Side Zippered Entry ways

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About Collapsibleā„¢:
  • Holds most petsĀ up to 18 lbs.
  • Chic polyester-twill & durable mesh exterior with waterproof coated bottom material.
  • Dual side zippered entry waysĀ with aĀ mesh U-shaped pocketĀ for pet to peak their head out.
  • Spacious, lined main compartment features a soft, padded,Ā cozy bottom matĀ thatā€™s easilyĀ removableĀ for washing.
  • Airline Approved Cat/Dog

It fits behind the car seats on the floor, with enough room to fit perfectly.
Ease of operation: There are three openings, all of them large enough to get even a struggling get in. This carrier is a 'back pack' style, so if you have more than one carrier, you can carry one as a back pack and the other in your hand with the top handle.
Most airline approved under the seat. Check your airline requirements before traveling. Easily fits most small, medium-sized dogs and cats.

Not a Basic Backpack

Armed withĀ two large mesh panels and additional bottom vents, it isĀ breathable and comfortableĀ for your pet. To add even more ventilation, the standard bubble window can be replaced by a honeycomb cover.

Secure, Comfortable,Ā Versatile

  • Reinforced aluminum zippersĀ will keep your furry escape artistĀ from popping out of the backpack, and anĀ built-in leashĀ can beĀ attached to a collar or harness.
  • AĀ removableĀ plush matĀ on the bottom will make sureĀ theĀ pet is comfy on your trek and will make cleaning easyĀ should any "accidents" occur.
  • Anti-scratch meshĀ windowsĀ and theĀ theĀ sides and the large bubble window to help your pet feel safe and look around during your trek.

Dimensions & Weight

Maximum Weight: Cats up toĀ 20 lbsĀ and dogs up toĀ 16 lbs.

Dimensions:Ā 16.5" x 12.5" x 10" /Ā 42 x 32 x 25 cm

Backpack weight:Ā 4Ā lbs.

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